“Adobe Flex 3: Training from the Source” Rough Cuts now online

The “Rough Cuts” of Adobe Flex 3: Training from the Source by Jeff Tapper, our own Michael Labriola, Matt Boles, and James Talbot are online now. Click here to purchase electronic access (which allows you unlimited views and PDF downloads of each revision), pre-purchase the print book, or get access electronically now while you wait for the book to ship in February. Go quickly, before your Flex Builder 3 trial runs out.


    The book looks cool but no .pdf is worth > $40 (unless it gets me some serious booty or makes me able to shoot lasers out of my eyes or something).

    I wish Peachpit Press would take note of the fact that other publishers actually provide value by offering the .pdf version for less than the print version, and also bundle both for a few dollars more than just the print version alone. I’ve never bought a .pdf alone because it’s dumb not to just buy the print version of the book and pay a little extra for the .pdf… they’re just handy. The reason I usually buy a .pdf version is so that I can read/access/search the book OFFLINE. I couldn’t give a rip about their Safari online library.

    I’d gladly pay $50 for the print version and the .pdf, but $81 for both is absurd.


    I generally agree with you. Just wanted you to know
    that I am emailing your feedback to peachpit directly,
    as I consider it unlikely they are reading my blog.

    Good luck with the lasers,

    Well for me, I’m willing to pay the $41 for PDF rough cuts alone… basically because I have no choice if I want to learn flex 3 thoroughly right NOW. I can’t wait until end of february, and that’s if the book is published on time. There are no other books on flex 3 available at the moment.

    However, it appears the rough cuts haven’t been updated since Oct 16 of last year. I imagine I’ll be missing a lot of important information if I try and read this :(. Michael Labriola, do you agree? Will I be missing much if I read the pdf in its current state?

    • by Scott
    • 2:01 am, January 17, 2008


    Sorry for the delay in response. The rough cuts cover a lot of information
    on Flex 3, even in their current state. However, unless you need to know
    a lot of Flex 3 specifics (new wizards, profiler, AdvancedDataGrid, etc.)
    The existing Flex 2 book will get you up to speed.

    Flex 2 to 3 is not the same type of change as earlier versions. Everything
    you learn will still be 100% applicable in Flex 3. I do think the book adds
    a lot of new content and explains some of the old content better, but
    learning from the Flex 2 book is not going to put you at a disadvantage.

    My 2 cents

    I bought the flex3 training from the source pdf book.

    Where can I get the downloads for the book. I could not find the xml files required for the project

    • by Srinivas Surapaneni
    • 7:03 pm, March 1, 2008

    I am assuming you bought the book from the rough cuts site on safari.

    Go back there and click the word ‘examples’ next to the table of contents.

    It will take you to an ftp site where you can download the sample projects as well as the server installs.