A new arrival

To all of you that I missed or didn’t manage to meet up with during Max this year, I have an amazing excuse. Meet Lilia Michelle Labriola, born shortly after Max ended.

My wife and I vetoed Jeff Tapper’s suggestion that we name her Max(ine), but I am still grateful to Jeff for covering my last session ‘Creating New Flex Components’ so I could get to the hospital.

It was great meeting/seeing all of you at Max and I look forward to next year in San Francisco. I plan to post my sample code and get back to finishing my other posts soon.



    Congrats on the new addition, Michael! I caught your first session at MAX and it was excellent, as always.

    • by Erich
    • 1:10 pm, October 15, 2007

    Looks like a bundle of joy. Congrats Mike on the little one.

    • by Anthony
    • 3:10 am, October 23, 2007

    Congrats! I also caught your session "Creating custom flex components" at MAX and it was at the top of my favorites list.

    I can see now you are going to be super busy but I have a favor to ask. Can you put the source for the carousel component up for download somewhere? A large part of your presentation was explaining component creation through this example. The slides are not helping me remember all the concrete points this example demonstrates.

    Thanks and congrats again!

    • by Mike
    • 5:10 pm, October 25, 2007

    Sorry for the delay. It’s posted