Checking In and Catching Up

Well, things got busy and this slipped lower on the priority list, but I have finally posted my slides from FITC Chicago, the AIR talk at Adobe User Group Chicago and more recently my slides for the FDS2 and Flex Framework talks at FlexManiacs. All are enclosed below.

My apologies to any who have been waiting

Max 2007 Speaker Some very cool news, the Adobe Max speaker list is available and I can finally officially say that I am on it. I will be giving a talk on New Component Creation in Flex 2/3 at Max with focus on integrating those components with Flex Builder tightly.

For anyone considering registering for Max, please feel free to use my name ‘Michael Labriola’ as your community leader when asked during registration. Adobe has a ‘competition’ of sorts going between Adobe Community Experts and User Group Managers. Whichever individual causes the highest number of Max registrations wins a brand new Mac book with all the goodies.

Two final items.
First, I would really like to thank the organizers of FITC – Chicago and of FlexManiacs, both conferences were wonderful events with great sessions and great attendance. The AUG Chicago event was an amazing success and I was happy to see a tremendous turnout for such a new product. Good job all the way around. Also, in our continuing effort to support and raise recognition for user groups, we will be presenting an AIR and ColdFusion session on 7/18 and the Chicago ColdFusion, Flash and Flex User Group.
Second, inspired by a few great conversations I had with other developers over the last month and Adobe’s decision to open source the framework, we are going to begin publishing more items from the digitalprimates framework/library that we use internally. In the past we have put up some code from our module loading library (which I am proud to say was used as content by another speaker at FlexManiacs) and thrown out some ideas, but our intent is to publish more of the source and example apps with instructions on their use. We hope the community will grab some of these pieces that have saved us time and energy over the last year and incorporate them into their own projects.

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