Flash/YouTube and your mobile phone

I had the ‘pleasure’ of sitting next to a lawyer screaming previously confidential information into his mobile phone on the return home from a trip to New York.

It seems that Motorola is actively working with Google/YouTube to bring their content directly to your mobile phone using Flash Lite. While they still seem to have some issues with licensing for international distribution, it made me briefly wonder if this would be one of the apps that really pushes Flash Lite.

It also made me wonder about seeing some version of Flex on your friendly mobile phone some day. That said, with the recent open source announcements and the ideas behind Apollo, it really make me think that Flex Lite is a legitimate idea. Yes, it is big, but I came from the world of embedded programming and I don’t think it is beyond reason when embedded device memory size and processor speed is now a factor of hundreds/thousands greater than even 3 years ago.

Now we just need to find some time to write this too….



    ach, if I was in that airplane seat, it would be hard to resist repeating everything he said… there was an old vaudeville act called "Little Sir Echo" built around duplicating someone’s speech… one autism variant is called "echolalia", so you could always plead a medical excuse if he objected to your repeating everything he put into your ear…. 😉

    Web video on Flash Lite has already been demonstrated for the next version, Adobe Flash Lite 3. I don’t think there’s a published ship timeline yet, but I guess this is what he was talking about. He’s still a loser for talking confidential business details on an airplane, though.

    For logic on mobile, that’s definitely an announced goal, but I haven’t seen estimates of versions of schedules yet. I’d guess the prerequisites would include not only the ActionScript 3 engine being ported to mobile, but also improvements in framework modularization and memory optimization.

    Summary: Mobile video capabilities relatively soon; mobile Flex capabilities definitely on the agenda.


    Mobile Flex framework, that requires AS3.. Not sure if Adobe FlashLite 3 would have AS3 VM… If it does, it would be easy to start an open-source project… Flex compiler and framework would be open-source, things can be derived from existing toolchain…

    I just need a command line compiler that can generate binaries for FlashLite. I tried MTASC and others in past, things can surely done even today…

    I also heard there are cool video capabilities in FlashLite 3, I would love to see Bluetooth capabilities also :)

    BTW! You should be able to play youtube videos in FlashLite 3, I am just guessing…It’s just progressive videos (.flv).

    Once he was done with his call two people in the row next to us and one in
    three in front asked if they should buy mot stock… so he was anything but
    quiet or cautious. Don’t think at that point he can object too much.

    good to hear it is on the agenda… still looking forward to messing with
    the bits myself though.

    ML, check it: autism.easterseals.com. We should do lunch next time yo’re downtown.

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