webDU and a new blog

I admit it.

Despite the (sometimes) good natured ribbing of individuals on my native North American continent, it took the comments of Geoff Bowers and Jesse Warden while I was Down Under at webDU to actually get this blog online.

I intend to use it to demonstrate some interesting, and occasionally useful, techniques and code snippets that are created throughout my day. I also intend to post materials and code from my various presentations and address questions that I couldn’t answer due to time constraints.

Over time, I want this blog to become a useful resource for Flex, Flash and perhaps some ColdFusion and Java.

However, I think it is important to clarify some expectations up front.

  1. I intend to flagrantly misspell words
  2. I may make up new words as I see fit
  3. You shouldn’t use this blog as a reference on the formal use of punctuation
  4. I tend to get a little passionate about topics, so forgive my rants
  5. I tend to be hyperbolic… it is possible that I didn’t really look through 50,000,000 lines of code to find a given solution
  6. I tend to use hyperbolic threats of violence, but, I promise that I have neither the ability to set people on fire with my mind nor the sheer strength required to stab anyone with a motor vehicle

Lastly, this is a blog, so, I am going to write as I come across useful information. I may not always be on the right track so your comments are always appreciated.


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