Announcing the FlexManiacs Flex 2 Conference

Join Fig Leaf Software, Adobe and Carahsoft for the highly anticipated Flex 2 Developers Conference in Washington, DC, where you can Learn about developing Web 2.0 Applications with Flex and Apollo!

The conference will include two full days of 60 minute lectures and 90 minute hands on sessions dedicated to Flex 2 and developing Rich Internet Applications (RIA), you’re sure to get all of the information you need.

With sessions for project managers, beginner, intermediate, and advanced developers, the FlexManiacs conference is poised to deliver maximum return for your training dollar.

 Among the speakers at the conference are myself, and my business partner, Mike Nimer.

Compared to the price of many other recent Flex conferences, this one is a clear bargin at $249 for 2 full days. 

  I’ll be posting more information as it becomes available.

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    Please announce next conference if you will have some info!

    • by A visitor
    • 12:10 am, October 12, 2007