The Enterprise React Company | Forward thinking consulting

Our Philosophy- We Learn You

We solve the hard problems by getting close and learning the business needs.

Modern technology moves fast. Our experience gives you the needed depth for accurate, scalable, maintainable solutions delivered on-time.

We guide your organization through the appropriate use of modern technology, serving as implementer, trainer, and mentor.

We Are Different

In both name and deed, Digital Primates is different. Unlike other firms who problem-solve by continually increasing staff and billables, we put in the work to understand and align.

Tired of paying for cookie-cutter advice pushed down from on high? We get it. We think about your success. We think about maintainability, adopt-ability, and long-term outcomes.

Adopting React? Modernizing?

The React framework from Facebook is the most popular front-end framework in use today. Selecting it for your client-side application is a smart choice but using React well in an enterprise or complex environment brings certain challenges. We’ve implemented React applications at massive scale and for some of the most well-used apps on the planet.

Even the best technical staff go through common pain points dealing with code complexity, separation of concerns, library selection, and maintenance reducing designs. We guide and work alongside your staff to quickly navigate problems and establish best practices.

Need Application Resuscitation?

Even the best applications grow stale. Technologies change, skills become less available, and the people with the institutional knowledge have all gone.

Our team of experts take on stale, but important applications and bring them back to life. We up-fit the app with modern technology. If you like, we’ll rework the app so your teams take on future maintenance and upgrades without disruption.

As an example, check out our Enterprise React or Adobe Flex Modernization services.