Flex 2 ships!

I’m about to download my recently purchased fully released Flex Builder 2.0 with charting.  This is now available on www.adobe.com (note, no longer available at labs.adobe.com).  I’m sure I’ll be posting more on this later, but I’m about to go back downstairs to the CFUnited conf while this downloads.

Off to CFUnited 06

At 4:30 this afternoon, I’m flying down to DC for the CFUnited conference.  As I mentioned earlier  I’ll be presenting a revised and updated version of my topic from last years conference, in which I discussed the myraid of benefits available with Event Gateways in CFMX7.  Among the new material Continue Reading

Our Flex 2 book

Glancing at the UK version of Amazon, I’ve just seen the first glimpse of our upcoming Flex 2 book.  They have an image of the cover here.  Oddly, I cant yet find a mention of it on the US amazon site, nor on Barnes and Noble.  I’ll be posting much Continue Reading

Freely available SizeableTitleWindow with Adobes ColdFusion/Flex connectivity

In playing around with the ColdFusion/Flex wizards, I found that Adobe includes a really nice resizeable closeable window.  When I get more time, I’ll integrate this with my MaximizeRestorePanel class. package com.adobe.ColdFusion.components{ import mx.containers.TitleWindow; import mx.managers.CursorManager; import mx.managers.ISystemManager; import mx.controls.Alert; import mx.logging.Log; import mx.utils.ObjectUtil; import mx.controls.Button; import flash.events.MouseEvent; import flash.events.Event; import flash.system.System; import flash.geom.Rectangle;  public class SizeableTitleWindow extends TitleWindow {   private const dragThreshold:int = Continue Reading

Flex 2.0 Beta 3 now available

Moments ago, Adobe released Flex 2.0 Beta 3 to their labs site.  There are a number of changes from Beta 2, so anyone who started working with previous versions needs to read the upgrading from beta 2 document.  There are also new releases of "mystic" the ColdFusion / Flex connector.

Creating View States purely in AS3

I’ve been building a bunch of custom AS3 components for clients lately, and have run across the need to use view states within an AS3 component.  Working with states in MXML is pretty trivial, using the AddChild, RemoveChild and SetProperty    tags, you can do virtually anything you need, but when working in an Continue Reading

Flex 2 MaxRestorePanel class

7/25 – I’ve updated this class to now work with the released version of Flex 2.  The only changes needed was to replace rerfrences to the currentIcon property (which was protected in the betas, but is a private property in the released version), to instead use the getChildByName method.  So, Continue Reading

Free Flex 2.0 !?!

According to several sources, including News.com and Christian Cantrell’s (Product Manager for Developer Relations at Macromedia/Adobe) blog, as well as the FAQ on Adobe Labs when Flex 2.0 is released, there will also be a free version of the SDK available.  Is seems the key difference with the Free vs the Continue Reading

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