Reflecting an image in Flex

Increasingly, clients have been asking for a "reflection" effect, showing a vertically flipped image of a component next to the actual component.  After reinventing the wheel on this several times, I came up with this simple reusable component: package com.tappernimer.components{ import mx.containers.Canvas; import mx.core.UIComponent; import flash.display.BitmapData; import flash.geom.Matrix; import flash.display.IBitmapDrawable; Continue Reading

FlexManiacs 2007 – Getting Started with Apollo

As promised, here are the starting files from my "FlexManiacs 2007 – Getting Started with Apollo" session.  Thanks for attending my session, I hope you enjoyed it and the FlexManiacs Conference. Overall, i thought this conference was a great success.  Many attendees of all levels.  Great networking, Great debates, and Continue Reading

Private variable, sort of

I was working on a deferred instantiation issue with Kyle from Adobe Support and came across this chunk of code in if (child is Container) Container(child).recursionFlag = recurse; It seems innocuous. The child, which is some descendant of Container is cast as a Container and then the recursionFlag is Continue Reading

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