Whats new in Flash 8

last week, Macromedia announced the upcoming release of Studio 8, which promises to include lots of great new features (see my article about some of them here).  With the official annoucement, you can now find out more, including: Whats New in Flash Professional 8. It seems most of the new Continue Reading


Sorry for the non-technology post. Lisa and I bought a new 2005 Honda CR-V EX last week, and so far we love it. The 2000 Civic we’ve had for the past year was great, but with the baby, it was too difficult to maneuver her in and out of the Continue Reading

CFUnited Day 2

As tends to happen the first time i do any new presentation, I woke up ridiculously early to obsess over the details.  I was up and about by 4am, and wasn’t scheduled to present until 9:30a, so I had lots of time to rehearse, tweak and otherwise muck with it.  Continue Reading

CFUnited Day 1

Lots of excitement at the opening of CFUN 05 (now known as CFUnited).  After surviving a tedious opening video, Michael Smith got the festivities underway.  Early on the speakers were introduced (including yours truly), and gave a quick summation of the sessions they would be giving.  Seems there will be Continue Reading

Greetings from CFUnited 05

I’m down in North Bethesda MD, at the annual CFUnited Conference (formerly known as CFUN), thrown by the folks over at TerraTech.  The sessions start tomorrow, tonight was just about catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, and having a few beers in the process.  Sitting in the Community Lounge, Continue Reading

DateAdd for ActionScript

following yesterday’s theme, in which I built a dateDiff method for AS2, today I extended the class with a static method to provide dateAdd() functionality.  Again, its modeled on the behavior of the CFML dateAdd, so it takes as arguments datePart:String, date:Date, numToAdd:Number.  The method returns a new date object.  Continue Reading

DateDiff for ActionScript

One of the tools I often find myself needing when developing applications in ActionScript is a utility for determining the difference between 2 dates.  Following the structure of ColdFusion’s DateDiff function, I came up with this: class DateFunction { /** dateDiff(datePart:String, date1:Date, date2:Date):Number<BR> returns the difference between 2 dates<BR> valid dateParts:<BR> s: Seconds<BR> n: Minutes<BR> h: Hours<BR> d: Continue Reading

Broadcasting custom events

Did you know you are not limited to working with the events built into components, but you can broadcast your own events as you need to within Flash and Flex? Its actually really easy, and gives great ability to loosely couple the application.  If you are working in a subclass Continue Reading

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