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Talking Trash – An overview of Player GC

Posted At: October 11, 2011 11:42 AM | Posted By: Michael Labriola
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Okay, so, I have been a little behind schedule actually posting content. Here is my first attempt at reconcilliation. These are the slides from my garbage collection talk at flash and the city this year. They go into moderate depth about the internals of garbage collection on the Flash Player and AIR along with some speculation about where things may be going. The speculation is based off of commits happening on the tamarin project from our friends at Adobe.

  Cheers, Labriola    
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3 Responses to “Talking Trash – An overview of Player GC”

  1. jpauclair says:

    Here is a old (yet very accurate) article I wrote on the subject.
    I think it might help people get even more deep in the subject.

    And for thoses who want to see how the GC influence the flash runtime, you should use FlashPreloadProfiler to see the GC behaviors and memory allocations/Collection.

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