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Recognized as experts who work at the forefront of new technologies, Digital Primates brings a unique approach to our client engagements. Like all consultants, we analyze problems so we can recommend and implement comprehensive solutions. Applying our insight and experience we accomplish tasks with an efficiency that justifies our involvement. What makes Digital Primates different is our commitment to our clients’ self-sufficiency. Through training and mentorship, our goal is to leave their in-house developers as an independent team who understand how to effectively use the technologies we employ. That is our standard for considering our consulting a success.

Senior Members of our Team
Michael Labriola

Michael Labriola

Michael is a Senior Consultant and founder of Digital Primates who has been developing Internet applications since 1995. He has worked with Flex since its 1.0 beta program, began working with HTML and JavaScript from its inception and specializes in developing applications with high business impact using emerging technologies
Michael co-authored Adobe Flex 3 and 4: Training from the Source and Breaking Out of the Web Browser with Adobe AIR, and has also published a series of articles on Adobe’s Developer Center teaching others to integrate Flex client and server technologies. As a frequent speaker on Flex topics and contributor to Flex mailing lists, he is known throughout the developer community. Michael also speaks Spanish, Italian, and pretends to speak more Japanese than he actually knows.

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Peter DiLillo

Pete DiLillo

Pete DiLillo graduated from Elmhurst College in 2006 and came to work for the Primates as the 5th member of the team and 2nd Peter. He’s been developing HTML 5, Javascript and Flash applications over the last 9 years using numerous frameworks. Pete also assisted in editing several of the “Flex: Training from the Source” books, as well as provided content for “Breaking Out of the Browsers with Adobe AIR”.
Pete considers himself the unofficial office game historian and the Baron of pizza breakfast. In his spare time he likes to poke around in GameMaker Studio and pretend he understands how Photoshop works. He also is a strong supporter of bad movie nights.

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Thomas Kaczanko

Tom Kaczanko

Tom “Zank” Kaczanko is a developer at Digital Primates. He has been working on computer programming since his days in High School. After college he landed at Digital Primates. Tom has since seen what the web could be when he started working on Flex and then transitioned to the perils of HTML 5 and JavaScript. Since then Tom has taken a lead developer role on many enterprise and simple web application projects.
Any technology and any screen is what Tom likes to develop for, it doesn’t matter. From multi-national hospital applications to simple websites to pet-project native Android and iOS apps that just tell you if it’s Friday or not, no project is too big or too small. Tom also enjoys playing video games, driving his Subaru BRZ and listening to Electronic Dance Music.
Christian Pillsbury

Christian Pillsbury

Christian is a Senior Consultant at Digital Primates, working full stack across a variety of technologies and devices, including, but not limited to: Java EE (including Hibernate & Spring), data driven single page applications using HTML5 and some Model-View-Whatever JavaScript framework (primarily AngularJS, with heavy use of functional libraries like lodash), numerous SQL-flavored relational DBs, and a handful of mobile web apps targeting Android and Windows 8.x. He’s done a ton of work with streaming media, working with a variety of ABR streaming standards (RTMP, HDS, HLS, DASH), a variety of languages (AS3, JS, Java), and a variety of complexities (writing a cross-compilable & trainable neural network for making adaptive bitrate switching decisions, writing MPEG-DASH support plus core ABR functionality for VideoJS tech handlers, live stream handling, cue stream handling, etc.).
In addition to his development expertise, Christian wears a variety of hats for Digital Primates, training new employees and existing clients, managing projects and playing the role of team lead, helping run the various stages of hiring, and acting as resident philosophy resource (which he studied both as an undergraduate and a PhD student).
Nathan Weber

Nathan Weber

Nathan is a Senior Consultant at Digital Primates who has been developing internet and mobile applications since 2007. He has been working with HTML, JavaScript, Flex, Java, and Objective C across platforms of all shapes, sizes and form factors, emphasizing dynamic and capable application architectures. The exploration of delivering rich video content across all platforms has been a particular focus that he has spent many hours, days, weeks, and years mastering.
Nathan has contributed to the open source dash.js project since its inception, helping to explore and develop a new video standard from the earliest implementations. He has also contributed to Adobe’s Open Source Media Framework, helping to make the project more robust for a large variety of clients. Nathan has always been on the bleeding edge, experimenting and digging through the latest available technologies to deliver the best experiences possible.

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Brian Marshall

Brian Marshall

Brian has been developing data driven web applications using Flash, Flex, html and Javascript since 2004. In 2008 Brian earned a Master of Science Degree in Software Engineering from DePaul University. Since this time he has developed applications for corporations in a variety of industries ranging from manufacturing, to publishing, to financial.
Brian is an avid runner. He has run and completed 4 Chicago Marathons while fundraising for Ronald McDonald House Charities. In 2015-2016 he plans on running his 5th and 6th Chicago Marathons as well as participate in Disney’s Dopey Challenge, a 5k, 10k, Half and Full Marathon in consecutive days.

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