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360 Flex San Jose Recap

Posted At: August 20, 2008 3:08 PM | Posted By: Michael Labriola
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I am back in Chicago after a red-eye from San Jose this
morning where I was attending 360
. It was yet another wonderful conference put on by Tom and John
featuring great presentation and fantastically inquisitive attendees. For my part,
I ended up doing two back to back sessions on Drag and Drop with AIR and a deep
dive into Flex Data Binding.

The AIR session was originally Jeff Tapper’s to do, but he
selflessly agreed to hang back when a client emergency kept him working during
conference hours. I did my best to fill in for him and hopefully the audience
gained some tips and tricks when moving between these technologies.

The data binding session is one I have been looking forward
to for quite some time. It is another of my ‘Flex from the Inside Out’ style
presentations where I attack a narrow topic and try to bring light to the
darkness. It seemed well received and the crowd seemed to very interested,
which makes it worth the effort.

The slides for both of these presentations can be found at SlideShare. The download URLs
for these presentations are as follows:

Please send any feedback you have so I can make
these better for the next time around.



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