Java Swing (re-)enters RIA space

It seems Sun is interested in re-gaining some of the market share it one had in the Rich Application space.  The annual JavaOne conference is underway, and there seems to be quite a bit of buzz surrounding the upcoming annoucement of the JavaFX project.  It seems that JavaFX is looking to compete directly with Microsoft's Silverlight and Adobe's Flex/Apollo initiatives, as developers will be able to target Desktop, Web and Mobile applications from this single platform.  Ultimately, it seems that this is largely going to be done by vastly simplifying Swing development, with the use of JavaFX as a declaritive programming model, on top of the existing Swing framework.

Ultimately, its good for everyone, developers and consumers alike to have more competition in the Rich Applicaiton space.  This will surely lead to greater innovations for applications, and more choices for developers.

You can find more on this at infoworld and infoq.

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