Clearing Trusted Cache with Event Gateways and CFAdmin API

Anyone who came to my session at CFUnited about EventGateway‘s, heard me reference an upcoming article by Brian Szoszorek.  Well, that article has now been released and can be found on Adobe’s DevNet.  For those of you who weren’t at my session, the article walks you through an excellent use case for a DirectoryWatcher Event Gateway in ColdFusion.  Any of you who have production servers with Trusted Cache enabled (which really should be every one!), knows it can be painful to manage the cache as files are edited on the server.  Brian’s article will walk you through how to use the ColdFusion Administrator API and a DirectoryWatcher Event Gateway to programmatically update the trusted cache when it is needed.

An excellent idea that can be put into place in virtually every CF7 app!  Check it out.

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