Flex 2.0 Beta 1 publicly available

As of around 9:30pm on 1/31, Adobe released the public beta for Flex 2.0 to http://labs.adobe.com.  Back on January 4th, David Mendels perdicted to the flexcoders list that this new version would be available in 3-5 weeks.  Looks like his perdiction was dead on, as it was released 4 weeks to the day from that perdiction.

Also released to http://labs.adobe.com is a new Flex/ColdFusion connector, as well as a first public appearance of the new Flex Enterprise Server.

Also annouced with this new release is that a FREE version of Flex 2 framework (without flex builder) will abe available when Flex 2 is released

Why are you still reading this???  Go to http://labs.adobe.com and get it!

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