MAX 05 Day 2 Recap

Ok, heres my take on day 2:

9:15am Next Generation ActionScript – Gary Grossman had a great session on whats new in AS3.  Esesntially, Flash Players 8.5 and beyond will contain 2 seperate Virtual Machines one to process AS1/AS2 a seperate one for AS3.  The AS3 VM is built from the ground up to fly.  New things like strong data typing at run time (as opposed to the AS2 compile time typing only), help make this incredibly fast.  In early testing folks are seeing AS execution 10 times faster than similar AS2 code in FP8.

10:30 General Session –

In contrast to the day 1 session, I was underwhelmed.  The whole thing played out like a 90 minute infomercial for Macromedia products, with a heavy focus on Mobile and Video.  It was nice to see Jeremy Allaire back, this time pitching his new company BrightCove.  It was interesting that Jeremy came out without ever introducing himself to the audience.  Sadly, the days of Allaire DevCon are over, and as I could tell by the hushed "who is he" whispers from the audience around me, a bit of an intro would have been nice.

Some intresting demos from the Breeze team, including an announcement about an upcoming "SyncSWF API" which will make building breeze plugins a breeze.

Al Ramadan mentioned a Flash Lite 2 prerelease (alpha?  beta?) will be available from Labs in January

Then came the Max awards.  If your like me, and done your best to sneak out of or entirely avoid the tedium of Flash Forwards "Film Festival" awards, this was a part you really wanted to miss.  The apps were cool, but enough already!

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