MAX 05 Day 1 Recap

The sheer volume of new information which came out of MAX is dumb-founding. Sessions I attended Monday:

8am – RA306W – Flex Frameworks: Cairngorm and More – Cairngorm offers some nice tools for Rapid development, but I was a bit underwhelmed by the lack of content on any other frameworks.  In truth, I already knew what I wanted to know about  Cairngorm.

9:15am – RA208W – Optimizing Flex Applications for Performance and Scalability – An excellent session which nicely complemented the 90 minute hands on session I was presenting (Creating Better Performing Flex Applications).

10:30am – General Session –

Great Keynote which included everything you would expect and a few things you wouldn’t.

  • Great opening by Ze Frank – somehow i seem to be one of the few people in the world never to have visited his site, now that I’ve found it, I’ll surely be returning.
  • lots of gratuitous cracks at Microsoft and Bill Gates expense
  • Announcement of Flex 2 public Alpha <– by far the biggest news of the show
  • First time ever – Photoshop mentioned in Macromedia Keynote
  • Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen addressed the crowd, calmed many fears with his commenting that ColdFusion is an important core product.  He also commented that he now thinks that Adobe got a great deal in the purchase of Macromedia.
  • Lots of time spent on recently released products, such as:
    • Studio 8
    • Flash Player 8
    • Flash Lite 1.1
    • Flex 1.5
  • Talk of soon to be released products:
    • Flash Lite 2 (FP7/ActionScript 2 on Mobile, how cool!)
    • Flex 2
    • Flex Builder 2
    • Flash Player 8.5
    • ActionScript 3
  • Great samples of "Applications of the Future" – a bit of a change of message from the MM XD team.  Last years message – separate the content from the controls.  This years message – "The content is the control."  Interesting food for thought.

12-1 Lunch – Food was good, organization was terrible.  I was with several colleagues but even though there were several empty tables, the convention center was unwilling to let us sit there, so we had to break up and find individual seats at other tables.  The lack of organization from the convention center folks throughout the conference was the biggest problem.

1-4 – Didn’t attend any sessions, worked on polishing my presentation.

4-5:30 RA301H –Creating Better Performing Flex Applications – presented by me. 

5:30 – 7 Free beer!

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